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Welcome To The Port
Gaverne Hotel

It's perfectly quiet. All you can hear is a gentle splash down by the rock pools, with laughter somewhere nearby. You're sitting in the shade, enjoying a cool drink and looking out to sea. You sigh, smile, and think to yourself, "I wish I could stay here forever."

Escape, relax.....and explore

Port Gaverne is a beautiful, secluded cove on the north coast of Cornwall, less than half a mile away from Port Isaac. In this tranquil hideaway you can relax and unwind at your leisure. Then, when you're ready to explore the area, you're within easy reach of North Cornwall's finest attractions.

Standing at the heart of this idyllic spot is The Port Gaverne Hotel, a 17th-century restored inn that is full of charm and steeped in history. Here you'll enjoy cosy, comfortable rooms, delicious fresh food and a warm welcome, together with a service that goes the extra mile. We also have a few 'Claims to Fame' so be sure to read all about them before your visit.

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